Superfood Smoothie #8 - Acai Cherry Smoothie

Acai is by far one of the most hyped superfoods of the moment, which existence “has been kept secret from most of the world for centuries”. The word “secret” is intriguing enough to lure most of us, but then there is a magic phrase “the ultimate superfood” and here we go – crowds of somnambulists are flocking Wholefoods stores searching for mysterious purple berries. Of course, I am one of them, sigh :)

Superfood Acai Cherry Smoothie

#8 Acai Cherry Smoothie
Frozen Acai Puree
Frozen Cherry Puree

Health Benefits:

  1. Exceptionally high concentration of antioxidants - the highest among fruits and vegetables.
  2. Low in sugar but rich in iron, calcium, fiber, vitamin A, amino acids, fatty acids, anthocyanin.
  3. Slows down aging process.
  4. Promotes cardiovascular and digestive health.
  5. Fights irritation, promotes skin health
This data comes from online research and serves solely as a short summary of the food's nutrition facts and estimated benefits. 

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    1. Acai and cherry sounds like the perfect smoothie combo :) Thanks for the great recipe!

    2. So far I've only been able to find acai powder and not the frozen puree. I'm dying to make an acai bowl or smoothie, this one looks delicious!

      Silly Medley: Lifestyle and Travel

      1. Try Wholefoods - they always have frozen acai puree.

    3. Wow.. yummy this is Wonderful color.. Awesome Thanks for sharing..

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    4. This sounds so refreshing for the hot summer months! :)

      1. Yes! Especially in Miami, when the heat in summer is unbearable!! :)

    5. Acai is really popular I agree, I quite like it ! But I'm not really sure about the benefits to be honest ;-)

      1. I am not sure either, but I enjoy the taste and it definitely is healthier than a pack of chips - so I am in! ;-)

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