Superfood Smoothie #7 - Soursop Coconut Smoothie

Superfood Soursop Coconut Smoothie Recipe

#7 Soursop Coconut Smoothie
Soursop Puree
Coconut Milk
Coconut Flakes
Ice Cubes

Superfood – Soursop (fruit with distinct sour sweet taste)

Health benefits:

  1. High nutritional density, especially significant amounts of Vitamin C and B-Vitamins.
  2. Anti inflammatory and anti viral effects.
  3. Increases energy and boosts immune system (thanks to high levels of thiamine).
  4. Soursop is considered to be an alternative cancer treatment, however there is no evidence that would prove based on scientific research soursop's capabilities to cure cancer (according to The Federal Trade Commission and cancer research UK)

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    1. I've never had soursop, the name is slightly off-putting but I tend to love anything with coconut! Thanks for sharing.

      Silly Medley: Lifestyle and Travel

    2. The fruit has weird but quite pleasant taste. It has so many seeds though, that I would recommend buying Goya frozen puree instead (if you intend to use it for a smoothie, of course). This combination with coconut and banana turned out to be super yummy! :-)

    3. umm- YUM! i always love a new smoothie recipe :)

      so thanks!


    4. Enjoy and stop by for more! xo

    5. Never tried soursop before, definitely need to look into that! Thanks for sharing :)

    6. I love everything coconut! But so much soursop because sometimes they're too sour (well, it's in the name). But I might give this recipe a go!

      1. Yes, you should definitely not overdose with soursop! And if it comes out too sour - add some honey:)