A smoothie a day! #1 Green Tea Fruit Smoothie

Green Tea Fruit Smoothie

I am a huge fan of obsessions – I think they absolutely rock the world! The healthy ones, anyways *smile*.

My current obsession is smoothies! They are yummy, healthy and fun to make.

I usually go with anything I have on hand, but sometimes following the recipe gives you an extra kick. It creates an aura of actually preparing something special, rather than making a quick snack in-between things.

Long story short – I found this link at Minq with 15 Delicious Smoothies for Weight Loss and decided to try them all, a smoothie a day. And, of course, to share this little adventure here.

Smoothie #1

Green Tea Fruit Smoothie:
Green Tea for liquid
Handful of blueberries
Ice Cubes

The verdict – simple and delicious! The green tea creates an interesting delicate flavor.

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