In a relationship – how to find the truth among so many possible options?

Some say that weak people tend to end relationships when there is a bump in a road and look for new ones, while strong people work on their relationships and move along through the years.

According to another popular opinion people keep staying in not satisfying relationships because they are afraid to be alone and start it all over again.  

Some of us just get used to the things the way they are and too lazy to make a change, while others choose to tolerate an occasional suffering for the sake of their love.  

When it comes to relationships, I've never been able to see things clearly. 

I've always longed for the truth. I thought the truth would be better, no matter how hurtful it could be. Of course, the “wisdom” of age (I use quotation marks because I really doubt I've got any wisdom yet) showed me the truth was not such an easy concept.

Most often we avoid saying the truth not to hurt somebody’s feelings. We might choose to lie because the truth is embarrassing for ourselves. Moreover, we lie TO ourselves.

Every now and then, when there is a bump in my boyfriend and I’s relationship, I try to sort things out and to dig the truth for myself. I usually give up somewhere between the second and the third glasses of wine. Why? Because it ain’t easy.

After years of being together there is not so much of unpredictability going on. You’ve pretty much seen it all. The good, the bad and the ugly. You are still together. It should be for a reason, you think. And the reason must be love, what else?

So when you get angry or emotional or resentful for seemingly no particular reason, shouldn’t your other half understand the underlying causes of this behavior? Shouldn’t he know by now that all you lack is care, love and support? And once you get it, an angry evil creature will magically transform into a wonderful fairy and return three times more love than you gave her?

Sometimes I think men and women indeed come from different planets. What is elementary school math to me is clearly advanced calculus to my boyfriend. 

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