Smoothie obsession must go on! Why smoothies and what lies behind them. And a few thoughts about the complaint free world movement.

Smoothie Obsession

My friend recently told me about the Complaint Free World movement, which is supposedly a life changing program. Bill Bowen advises that it takes 21 days of not complaining to actually break the habit of complaining. His solution is simple – wear a purple rubber bracelet on your hand and count days. Once you complain, switch hands and start counting days from the beginning. The goal is to reach 21 days of continuously complaint free life.

While I completely agree with Bill Bowen on the importance of positive thinking and non-complaining to live a happy life, I am rather skeptical about the usefulness of the purple bracelet. Well, at least for me. In order to make it work, you have to be constantly aware of what you say and to notice when you start complaining. Wearing a bracelet for 3 days, I realized that in the turmoil of things I tend to forget to monitor my speech. Besides, lack of complaints out loud does not guarantee inner harmony and might cause the opposite effect of anger and dissatisfaction bubbling inside.

I hope I am not complaining right now, by the way. J

Anyways, I think there might be many different ways to achieve the same goal and I’ve come up with the one which makes sense to me the most.

I’ve always thought that actions speak better than words. We can stop complaining about things or we can start doing something to reduce the amount of those things we complaint about. Simple example: we girls like to complaint about our boyfriends and lack of affection or care on their side (by the way, guys often have the same claims to their girlfriends). Well, why not start doing something to eliminate the cause of these complaints to begin with?

And here come smoothies! It might sound quite lame, but I am a huge believer in simple insignificant things which can do wonders.

I enjoy the process of making a smoothie. I make a whole art project out of it – I use different containers, different decorations, I arrange a composition and take a picture. It makes me happy. I make one glass for myself and another for my boyfriend. He smiles, says “Thank you, my love”, usually enjoys the smoothie and I might get a kiss and a hug or maybe even flowers later (yes, a bit of sarcasm, can’t do without)! The bottom line – at this moment we are both happy and satisfied with each other and have no urge or reason to complaint. 

I hope you get the point of my ramblings. Let’s not underestimate the power of simple things, be happy by making others happy and probably one day we will end up having nothing to complaint about. J

I will cheer now with a glass of smoothie for a better, hopefully complaint free, life! Hooray!

Flowers for no reason

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      1. Hey, Mike! It looks like you removed the comment, but I will still reply - we are all kings of complaints, believe me!! We even joked with the girls, that if we stop complaining, we will have nothing to talk about! That's how bad we are :-)