Having awesome time, while spending almost no money! (or two great evenings for $40)

Miami on a bicycle

Life is beautiful, when you live in Miami and the weather is gorgeous all year round. Life is especially beautiful, when the summer semester is over and you have the whole month just for yourself (work doesn’t count if you are a freelancer and work from home at your own convenience, as I do). So, once I stopped being ecstatic and got over the happy thought that there will be no more classes for a WHOLE month – naturally followed the question “What do I do with my free time?”

So that you better understand what kind of person I am, I probably should mention, that I love saving money and experimenting with living on tiny budgets. Not because we are struggling with money, but because there is always something useful you can do with it, instead of carelessly throwing it away. Anyways, here’s how we spent two awesome evenings for a total of $40.

The weather was especially lovely this Tuesday evening and my boyfriend (Pasha) suggested taking our bicycles and going to the beach to watch the sunset. So we did! Note – the whole adventure didn’t cost us a dime, but it did bring tons of joy and many many smiles.

Miami on a bicycle Miami Florida

We live 10-15 minutes walking distance from the ocean (pretty great, I know) and about 20 minutes from Haulover Beach. This is the famous beach in Miami where clothing is optional, but we went to the regular part of the beach (we have nothing against people who enjoy nudity, but not nudists ourselves). We swam for a while watching the sun setting down and an occasional naked person walking into our direction. It was so serene. A peculiar paradise where people don’t know of shame yet. I totally envy nudists for their ability to loosen up and send their insecurities into the Neverland.

Haulover Beach Miami

Haulover Beach Miami

We finished watching sunset on the other side of Haulover Park, overlooking the canal.

Haulover Beach Miami

At home I cooked light dinner which cost about $20 at most: steamed clams with toasted bread rubbed with garlic, steamed artichokes (with a slice of lemon, clove of garlic and a bay leaf), sauce for artichokes (half mayo half sour cream, lemon, dill), some fruits and green tea with fresh mint leaves.
A movie on top – awesome time overall!

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Hollywood beach boardwalk
Next day was sort of similar, only instead of bicycles we went rollerblading to the Hollywood beach boardwalk

Hollywood beach boardwalk

Hollywood beach boardwalk

There was one funny moment I wanted to mention. A couple was passing by and a girl winked at me and said, “Nice one you have!”

“Thank you!”  I replied having no idea what she meant.

Then I looked at her rollerblades, realized we had the exact same ones and shouted, “Got your joke!”

My boyfriend looked at me and in a very serious manner said, “I thought she meant me.”

Why this is funny? Because this is what Pasha is all about. He has no doubts, you know.

We finished the day with a bottle of champagne (about $20), some berries and a movie.
Here you go – two happy days filled with super healthy activities slash pleasures and our expenses didn’t go over $40. Hooray!

Hollywood beach boardwalk

Hollywood beach boardwalk

Hollywood beach boardwalk

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