Tea Obsession – Rosehip Tea Recipe

Rosehip Tea Recipe, Rosehip health benefits

I am adding a new obsession series to the blog – my tea obsession!

I’ve been drinking and loving tea for as long as I can remember, but that’s no surprise, really – Russians are fond of tea. That’s a cultural thingJ. Yet, only recently I’ve started collecting different kinds of tea, trying new recipes, researching benefits of various tea types and herbs…so it became an obsession beloved enough to get its place on the blog! Yay, I feel excited and can’t wait to share ALL my tea collection with you!

Today, I am drinking Rosehip Tea.

In Russia rosehip tea is treated like a magical elixir to cure ANY illness and while this hyper worshiping attitude might be a bit overrated, health benefits of rosehip are indeed limitless! It is a true nutritional powerhouse, especially high in Vitamin C, and a natural remedy for a variety of health problems:

  1. Rosehip contains pectin and so has diuretic and laxative properties. It relieves symptoms of kidney disorders and helps to cure constipation.
  2. It has a beneficial effect on the overall health of the digestive system. (my father claims to having cured his gastric ulcer only by drinking rosehip tea – I tend to question this statement thoughJ)
  3. It works as natural antibiotic, preventing the development of infections and harmful bacteria. This makes rosehip tea a great remedy to fight cold and flu and to boost immune system.
  4. Rosehip is known for its ability to treat arthritis, prevent cardiovascular diseases, to lessen respiratory issues.

These are only the most acclaimed benefits and uses of rosehip!

How to make Rosehip Tea:

To get the most out of its nutrients, rosehip tea has to be prepared correctly and proportions should be observed.

Rosehip Tea Recipe, Rosehip health benefits

1 part of rosehip – 10 parts of water (100 gr rosehip – 1 liter of boiling water)

Slightly crush and mash rosehips buds to release oils.

Place crushed rosehip into a thermos, pour boiling water, put a lid on and let stand for about 7 hours.

Rosehip Tea Recipe, rosehip health benefits

The taste of rosehip tea is somewhat tart, sweet and very delicious! It pairs nicely with honey.

Enjoy and happy Sunday!

You can find more tea recipes here.

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    1. I've had rose tea and I use rosewater as a facial toner but I've never tried rosehips. I'll have to give it a try! Are they fairly easy to find in the US? Thanks for sharing. :)

      Silly Medley: Lifestyle and Travel

      1. Camille, to be honest I bought mine in the Russian store, but I see they are sold on Amazon and I am pretty sure you might find them in Wholefoods stores. Believe me - worth a try!


    2. Yum! I love anything rosy. Rosehip tea has such a rich & gorgeous color to it.

      :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    3. I love rosehip tea! Especially as 'iced tea' when it gets all warm outside and you just want to laze by the pool!


      1. I've never tried it as iced tea - that's a great idea!!

    4. I love that clear little starbucks cup! So cute! And the tea sounds delicious

      1. TJ Maxx - my usual go-to place for kitchen finds :)